Texas Implements New Irrigation Laws

The State of Texas has made significant changes to the requirements for irrigation installations. The goal of the new regulations is to aid in water conservation. As part of the new irrigation requirements, each new system must be accompanied by an irrigation plan designed and stamped by a state licensed irrigator. Additional requirements vary from city to city, but most cities are requiring at least one walk through with a city inspector. Some cities require a second inspection with the homeowner and city inspector.

Other important changes include:

  • Only drip irrigation may be used in parkways less than 48″ in length or width;
  • An isolation valve must be present between the water meter and backflow prevention device;
  • Rain sensors must be included on all new systems;
  • Irrigation pipe must be buried at least 6″ below grade.

Thousand Oaks Landscape is prepared to comply with the new irrigation regulations. We have multiple licensed irrigators and licensed irrigation inspectors on staff to comply with the requirement that an irrigator or inspector be on the job site at all times. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has compiled a list of questions and answers on new irrigation regulations that can be found here. Also, the Dallas Morning News recently ran an article detailing the irrigation regulatory changes and how these changes may affect homeowners. The story can be found here.


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