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A well-designed home landscape is not just aesthetically pleasing, but functional. It should be beautiful, enhance the look of the neighborhood, and add to your property’s value. From simply giving your existing landscape a makeover to creating a new outdoor environment, Thousand Oaks Landscaping can do the job. We offer quality work and creative landscape design. Homeowners will be satisfied in our design and building approaches to landscaping. We will produce a better landscape environment and save you money. Our designers are imaginative and resourceful in their designs and will create something new, unique, and wonderful for you. We are convinced that they will meet your challenge and exceed your expectations.

We recognize that your landscape project is a major investment. We give you practical solutions and honest feedback about what will work for your budget. From planting beds, patios, lighting, walkways, retaining walls and water features, we offer all types of landscaping needs. It is our goal to work with homeowners who understand and can appreciate the expertise, experience and the personal attention we will bring to their project. The planning process, possibly the most important aspect of residential landscaping, is often neglected. With careful and strategic planning, we can save you time, effort, and money on your landscaping vision.

We emphasize quality and customer satisfaction. Our designers work with our clients from start to finish, working with you from the initial design to the completion of the project to insure that your landscape is done properly. Thousand Oaks Landscaping exceeds expectations by combining our expertise, knowledge and design abilities with your specific wants and needs. Our job is not over until you completely satisfied. We take great pride in creating a quality product you can enjoy long term.