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Landscape Development

Landscaping is a great example of importance of first impressions. A first impression starts with your grounds. Thousand Oaks Landscaping is here to help you transform your eyesore into an award winning first impression. Our staff takes great pride in their work and strives to keep disruption of your business to an absolute minimum. We utilize the latest techniques in developing, planning, and designing for commercial properties. We consider the spaces for function, aesthetics and artistic planning. Thousand Oaks Landscaping provides you with the highest quality landscape services to businesses big and small.

We start by analyzing each site by evaluating the conditions of the soils, vegetation, drainage and other natural resources. This is important in how our landscape design will be affected. Knowing the area and situation that we are designing landscaping for allows us to design something that is long term and will allow the natural beauty of the grounds to shine. Landscape design includes paving, walls, fences, fountains, furniture, site lighting, and decks. Planting design is done by selecting plant material based on design intent, site conditions, resistance to pests and diseases, durability and availability.

Our Commercial Landscaping Services include:

  • Landscape Development and Maintenance
  • Lawn and Mowing Services including Contract and Tractor Mowing Bids
  • Tree Service of all Plants, Lawn, and Trees
  • Tree Removal, Replanting, and Hedge, Shrub, and Tree Trimming
  • Plant Disease Analysis and Treatment
  • Mulching Services involving the Recycling of branches and clippings
  • Plant and Flower Gardening
  • Fertilization Treatments
  • Stone and Concrete Retaining walls

We have been maintaining commercial lawns and landscapes with expert solutions and advice. We ensure our clients’ properties are safe and appealing to employees and guests. Let Thousand Oaks Landscaping help your property look its best with regularly scheduled maintenance. Our attention to detail is our namesake and we are proud of every job we complete.