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Whether you are installing a new system, upgrading an old system to take advantage of new water saving technology, or repairing an existing system, Thousand Oaks’ is your best option for projects large and small. Our staff of irrigation experts is here to assist you with a large scale commercial project, shopping mall or housing development, or even something smaller. We will evaluation your situation and help solve your watering needs while anticipating you long-term irrigation requirements.

One of the most costly mistakes in developing an irrigation system is poor design. Our experienced designers carefully determine all aspects of the system before anything in the field is started. Each irrigation system that Thousand Oaks installs is designed with water conservation in mind, utilizing the latest in irrigation technology, such as drip irrigation, weather smart controllers, and pressure compensating heads.

Our technicians are ready to troubleshoot, repair, upgrade and maintain your system during its lifetime as needs, landscaping and other details change. Our staff’s knowledge and experience makes us qualified to understand the needs of our customers. We will help you achieve the best system with the highest quality that is within budget. We pay close attention to unseen details will train you to use your new system.

Conserving water is everyone’s responsibility, but your landscape requires adequate water to thrive. An automated system delivers both. In our modern society, choosing an automatic irrigation system ensures consistent watering to your lawn and landscaping for it to thrive. We have products such as automatic timers and remote controls make nurturing your landscaping effortless which all have the benefits of convenience and dependability, savings, and service. It is a compelling reason customers choose automated irrigation systems.